BK8 Casino is amongst the most popular Asian online betting portals. This online betting hub enjoys a strong reputation in southeast Asia, especially among local Thai, Malaysian, Singaporean and Indonesian players. In recent years, however, the website has seen a growth of its popularity in other international countries like the US, Canada and Germany. This highly competitive new entrant has attracted a large number of players, leading to an increased amount of daily bets.

The biggest advantage of betting at BK8 lies in the number of options available. Players can enjoy live casinos, mobile apps for added convenience and betting from any location – as long as there is access to Wi-Fi. Apart from this, the online website also offers a number of innovative betting options and mobile apps that include:

The online casino services offered by BK8 Casino include a casino games package for beginners and experts. This package comes with 100% deposit bonus and gives players extra time to explore the online casino before deciding on the type of game to play. A unique feature that is unique to the package is the “virtual blinds”. Players are provided with an opportunity to play against a dummy account. This enables players to see the results of their bets right away.

In order to enhance the experience, we have integrated social media into all aspects of our business activities. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have made us realize that there is a new dimension to marketing and that we can leverage this medium to spread the word about our online casino. We have also decided to extend our reach into the realm of music. Here we proudly announce that we have signed the contract with the band “Banksy” who will be performing live at our casino in March, 2012.

Our online site has a comprehensive range of sports games and all the games hosted by BK8 are designed by our in-house team of experts and professionals. This includes cricket betting, horse racing betting, football betting, cricket betting, baseball betting, basketball betting, football betting, tennis betting, horse racing betting, and our most popular game, the Eurovision gambling game. This is a huge list of games and we aim to cover as many of them as possible in the coming months and years. Our sportsbooks have also invested significantly in improving our technology and infrastructure. For example, the BK8 “Van Persie Asia Visit Tour” will be postponed until further notice.

The authorities have ordered a closure on all BK8 casinos in Indonesia until further notice due to an expanding outbreak made by the MGA. Our team has worked hard to ensure that all our customers are not negatively affected by this. In fact, we have also employed a number of measures to prevent this from happening. This includes enhancing security measures at our casino facilities both at our hotel and online.

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